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Faculty of Education, Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association Celebrate Teacher Induction

October 29, 2012

October 4th and 19th were exciting days for many young educators in the province, as they were officially recognized by the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association (NLTA) during an Induction Ceremony at the Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook and the Holiday Inn in St. John's.

The induction ceremony, the first of which took place in 2005, was developed to welcome new educators into the profession in a vein similar to other vocations. It was introduced during Spring convocation that year after some development by the Faculty of Education and the NLTA.

The induction ceremonies were followed by Fall Convocations at the local Arts & Cultures Centre.

"I would like to offer my personal congratulations and best wishes to all of our new teachers," stated Lily Cole, NLTA president. "New teachers are entering the noblest of professions, one which affects those you touch long after they have left your classrooms. I wish you every success in this, your chosen vocation."

Now fully certified and recognized, with parchments in hand, many of the attendees had plenty to talk about.

"The professors were great, and the faculty itself became a learning community," said James Finn as he reflected on his time at the St. John's campus. "The speeches today really reinforced that too, reinforced why I chose this as a career."

Others echoed sentiments of a positive experience both in the program and at the ceremonies.

"The staff are amazing, really supportive and really open to new ideas and concepts," said Brittany Antle, a freshly-minted teacher working on the south coast of Labrador.

"[It was] a great experience."

In Corner Brook, Hilary Bourgeois (pictured above, second from the left) participated, and had similarly positive things to say about the experience:

"The induction ceremony was a nice welcome into the NLTA, and being able to attend it along with convocation was a great way to remind yourself of the accomplishment of becoming a university graduate and a teacher," she said. "The education program at Grenfell Campus makes you feel as if you are a part of one enormous family that you share all of your ideas and experiences with."

There was also the element of reuniting with fellow classmates and faces from the Faculty of Education according to Dwayne Hackett from the Bay of Islands, a graduate now teaching at Fitzgerald Academy in English Harbour West.

"The thing I loved about the ceremony was that I got a chance to meet up with some friends, some people I never thought I'd see again," he said. "The way the teaching profession works, you could get a job anywhere. You're all spread out, so this was a great chance to reminisce."

Dr. Jerome Delaney, one of many faculty members in attendance, was in high demand as many of his students-turned-teachers sought him out for a souvenir photo.

"It's great to see them the day of their graduation and to have the opportunity to meet their parents and families," Delaney said. "The induction ceremony highlights the importance of teaching and the valuable work that teachers do. I'm delighted with it."

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs Dr. Gerald Galway noted the importance of the day in formally transitioning into the profession:

"This event marks an important step in the transition from teacher-candidate to teacher. It represents formal recognition that our graduates have been accepted into the profession of teaching" he said.

The Faculty of Education and the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers' Association would like to congratulate all those who were inducted and who graduated at Fall Convocation, both in St. John's and in Corner Brook.