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Faculty of Education Minds Featured on CBC

February 26, 2013

Two individuals representing Memorial's Faculty of Education were featured on different legs of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in February.

Dr. Linda Coles appeared on CBC Television with Jonathan Crowe to discuss the merits of implementing a full day for kindergarten students in Newfoundland and Labrador. Dr. Coles spent significant time researching and studying the concept in the early 2000s, developing and implementing a pilot program at Perselvic Elementary in Victoria along the way.

"I feel that when [faculty members have] done research and have knowledge, it's necessary to share it. It shouldn't just sit on the shelf," she said.

"I've had a lot of feedback from people who felt it was really important to share what I know about full-day Kindergarten through the media. I think it was mission accomplished, to a degree."

After Dr. Coles appeared in a February 13 feature on CBC's Here and Now news program, bullying expert and Ph.D. candidate Gerry White made an appearance on CBC Radio to discuss cyberbullying on February 25.

"It was a good chance to discuss my research, particularly the whole idea of cyberbullying, which hasn't gotten a lot of attention," said White. "It's a good venue to get out that we're conducting research that really is at the cutting edge, especially in the realm of cyberbullying.

"A study of six thousand students, statistics that haven't been presented, in rural and urban schools – large schools, small schools. It was a great opportunity to get to a large audience about our research."

Dean of Education Kirk Anderson stated the importance of such involvement for the Faculty.

"As the sole teacher education and educational research body dedicated to education in this province, we should inform and sometimes even join the debates about educational issues in this province," he said. "Our role is to provide the best research and advice we have to enable our partners to make the best decisions they can."