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Dean Visits Harlow for London Affinity Dinner

May 29, 2012

Near the end of March, Dean of Education Dr. Kirk Anderson took time to travel overseas to the Memorial University Harlow Campus to participate in the London Affinity Dinner.

He was joined by Mr. Hayward Blake of the Field Services Office, and had education students studying in Harlow, as well as school administrators in the area, invited to the dinner as his personal guests. Dr. Oana Radu of the Faculty of Education was also present to receive an award.

Dr. Anderson also made a point to meet with the MUN education interns of Harlow, while Mr. Blake took time to visit interns and cooperating teachers in the area as a means of strengthening the relationship between the faculty and those participating in the internship program.

Check out the Faculty of Education Facebook for some pictures from the trip.