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Financial Assistance

Financial Support for Doctoral Students

A listing of awards available to Graduate Education students categorized by month is emailed to the Graduate Listserv.

SGS Fellowship (as recommended by Faculty of Education)
$8000 - $12,000 per year

Additiona Funding

Faulty of Education Doctoral Students may further develop their teaching and research skills through such opportunities as graduate assistantships and teaching experiences when available.  Students should discuss these options with their supervisor.
MUN Scholarships (highly competitive)

Aldrich (1+/year, renewable 1 year) $20000/year
Women's Assoc of MUN (last semester, 4 awarded) $1200
Maritime Studies Scholarship ("maritime focus", July 1 deadline) $5000/year
A.G.Hatcher (June 1) $15000/year
Bowring/Harlow (March 1, to study in UK.) £ 600

Refer to the Memorial Calendar for information about other scholarships.


Action Canada Fellows (Jan.,

Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Fellowships
(Feb., renewable, 3 years)

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
(vetted through MUN or directly to SSHRC, Nov., renewable, CGS and SSHRC)
$35,000 and 19,000/year

CAGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award

Corporate Fellowships and Scholarships
ad hoc