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Financial Assistance

Financial Support for Doctoral Students

A listing of awards available to Graduate Education students categorized by month will be posted in July 2014.

SGS Fellowship (as recommended by Faculty of Education)
$8000 minimum/year

Faculty of Education Teaching Stipends
(@ $3800/course)
$3800-22,800 (normally candidates will teach one course per semester)

MUN Scholarships (highly competitive)

Aldrich (1+/year, renewable 1 year) $20000/year
Women's Assoc of MUN (last semester, 4 awarded) $1200
Maritime Studies Scholarship ("maritime focus", July 1 deadline) $5000/year
A.G.Hatcher (June 1) $15000/year
Bowring/Harlow (March 1, to study in UK.) £ 600

Refer to the Memorial Calendar for information about other scholarships.


Action Canada Fellows (Jan.,

Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Fellowships
(Feb., renewable, 3 years)

SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
(vetted through MUN or directly to SSHRC, Nov., renewable, CGS and SSHRC)
$35,000 and 19,000/year

CAGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award

Corporate Fellowships and Scholarships
ad hoc