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Ph.D. Application and Admission

The program is currently a full-time, on-campus program.

The Memorial University Calendar definition of a full time graduate student is: "one who registers as such, devotes full time to his or her academic program and may not commit more than 24 hours a week working time, including teaching assistant or research assistant duties, to matters other than the degree program."

General qualifications for admission to the Ph.D. Programs at Memorial University are set out in the Memorial University Calendar, Graduate Studies, General Regulations, Qualifications for Admission.

In addition, the following admission requirements apply:

  • an "A" standing in a Master's degree in Education or in an equivalent Master's degree from an accredited university;

  • evidence of scholarly work, such as a Master's thesis, directed research project, or qualifying research paper;

  • normally, completion of two years of professional experience in an educational setting.

Admission is competitive. Applicants should note the application procedure and submit excellent application portfolios.




Students are required to apply online to have information formally assessed. Applications and official supporting documents are due to be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies by the application deadline.

Application Package

In addition to the standard Doctor of Philosophy online application and letters of reference, the following is also required under separate cover to determine admission eligibility:

  • Copies of scholarly work (such as Master's thesis, directed resarch project, qualifying research paper, sample publications and/or research reports)


  • If possible, suggestion of faculty member who might appropriately supervise the doctoral program. 

There are several ways to find the research interests of Faculty Members to find a suitable thesis supervisor:

  • Should include detailed curriculum vitae in online application

Two (2) Letters of Appraisal

One professional, one academic. More information available here.

Referees listed on the application can supplement the Letter of Appraisal Form with a letter containing such details as the applicant's strengths, academic and/or professional experiences and potential for successful doctoral study. 

Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement

The statement of purpose question in the online application should outline the candidate's suitability to the program and the following:

  • research interests and objectives;
  • career goals and how doctoral studies fits with them; and
  • academic and professional experiences which prepared them for doctoral studies.



The application deadline for Education's Ph.D. program is February 1 of each year. The program will begin September 1 of each year. Applicants are advised that the program is competitive for a limited number of candidates and complete detailed application packages are expected by the deadline date.

Offers of acceptance will be made by April 15 of each year