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M. Ed. Graduate Admissions Process

We are grateful that many potential graduate students are selecting our Master of Education programs. The confidence of students throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, and many other countries in the quality of our masters programs echoes our own. We are keen to maintain the integrity of our programs.

Graduate programs are currently very full. Although we are doing our best to accommodate all applicants, we must limit our enrollments so as to be able to deliver appropriate academic choices and supervisions to candidates accepted to our programs. The Grad Team is well known for assisting M.Ed. candidates when questions and issues arise.

Applicants should note:

  • Program pre-requisites must be completed before admission to programs is granted; applicants may submit applications after the completion of the prerequisites or in the semester in which they are completing their last pre-requisite(s).
  • Applicants must meet the minimum academic requirements of second class degree or an average of 70% and have the recommended practical experience.
  • Please ensure that referees write a letter and/or fill out the letter of appraisal form.
  • Applicants should obtain one academic letter of appraisal as well as one professional letter of appraisal.
  • Teaching colleagues are recognized as “other”, not as professional references; principals and district administrators are considered to be professional referees.
  • Complete Applications must be submitted by the advertised deadlines (September 15 and February 1); late applications will be considered after the next admissions deadline.

On-Campus, Web-based, and Cohort Program Delivery

Most M.Ed. candidates complete their programs on campus. Please note that only two programs are web-based, Information Technology and Post-Secondary Studies (including the Graduate Diploma in Health Professional Education).

Although some web courses are available for other programs, candidates cannot expect to complete their programs off campus unless candidates are part of a cohort program.

To help ensure program accessibility throughout the Province, web-based courses are being developed and offered as often as possible in all programs. Nevertheless, candidates relying on availability of web-based courses may experience disappointment.

Cohort programs are offered in selected areas of the province when faculty resources and applicant numbers warrant. Please contact the graduate team at 709-864-8553/8587/3402/3324 for information on establishing a cohort in any area of the province.