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A proportion of the research cost incurred by full-time graduate students may be paid by grants from the Dean’s budget. The awarding of the grants is governed by the procedure outlined below.

1. Funds available to support graduate research are limited and, therefore, all requests for support are not likely to be funded. In any case 75 percent of actual expenses to a maximum of $350.00 will be awarded any one student.

2. Expense items for inclusion in budget may be of the following nature:

  • transportation, room, and board
  • questionnaire cost
  • translation
  • published material, i.e., resource materials

3. The cost incurred for proposals and thesis reproduction, for books, and for typing, word processing, duplicating, binding, etc., will NOT be covered.

4. In order to recommend the release of funds to the student, the Dean’s Office must be provided with vouchers indicating the expenses incurred. Since only a proportion of the total expenses is to be funded, vouchers for the total expenses should be submitted. Reimbursements will be made after vouchers have been received. There will no payments in advance of the expenses being incurred.

NOTE: Supervisors are to ensure that the research costs are necessary (e.g., the research is being undertaken in the closest possible locality), that the least expensive method of travelling is employed, and that the strictest economy is observed regarding costs for board and meals.