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Writing a Thesis: FAQs

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Research Ethics Process

What does the Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR)

The Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research (ICEHR) is primarily concerned with the protection of the participants and the ethical aspects of your research. The committee also act with concern for the investigators and the sponsoring institution. After due consideration of the application, the committee members advise approval, or not, of the research. They will not comment on the content or methodology of your research except as it relates to ethical issues and considerations.

To whom do I give my application when I have it completed and ready to go to the ICEHR?

You can send your application directly to ICEHR or you may pass your application in to Office of the Associate Dean of Education, Graduate Programmes. It will then be passed on to the ICEHR. It must be approved and signed by your supervisor. YOU MUST HAVE 11 COPIES OF THE COMPLETE APPLICATION.

When should I pass in my application to be reviewed by the ICEHR?

After your application is reviewed and approved by your supervisor you can then submit it to the ICEHR for review. Your application should be passed along to the ICEHR well before the date you intend to begin your research. It has to be approved by the committee before you can begin your research. If there are problems or changes required, you may have to make additional revisions and resubmit your application for review. DON'T LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE OR YOU COULD BE CAUGHT IN A BIND!!!

How long will the ICEHR take to review my application?

You should allow for at least eight weeks for the committee to review your application. Members of the ICEHR are also full-time professors at the university. They will require sufficient time to examine and discuss your application before making an approval/disapproval decision.

How will I know if my research application is approved?

A member of the committee will contact you, the researcher, directly. If there are any concerns or questions about your research you will be advised at this time.

If I am doing research that does not involve human participants, do I still need to send my application for ethics review?

No. If there is no direct or indirect (i.e. observation) contact with human participants you do not have to submit your application to the ICEHR.

I am not doing a thesis, I am doing an internship/project/folio, do I still have to submit my application for ethics review?

If your research involves human participants in any way, shape or form, you will have to submit your application for review.

Are there any guidelines that I should follow when developing my application?

Yes, there are guidelines for research for human subjects that have been developed by the education department. Additional sources of information include books available at the library and web sites from other universities.