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Educational Technology

This is a graduate program in education offered on-line through a partnership between Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Education and Cape Breton University, Institute for Education. 

Rationale and Goals

The graduate programme in Educational Technology is offered in partnership with the Cape Breton University (CBU). It is designed to facilitate the use of educational technology in a wide variety of settings. The programme will be of interest to educators at all levels including K-12 teachers, school administrators, those in the post-secondary system, business and industry, as well as those in most other adult learning situations.

Educational technology in this Master of Education program encompasses but is not limited to computer, communications, networking and multi-media applications. The overall intent of the programme is to:

provide educators with skill sets and pedagogical expertise that will enable them to address computer and related educational technology in a teaching/learning situation;

develop potential educational technology leaders for the educational system;

develop instructional designers, for a variety of educational settings, who are able to combine educational technology with learning theory to enhance curriculum development and delivery;

provide a basis for the continued professional development of educators in the area of educational technology;

develop an awareness of the applications of educational technology in a wide variety of educational contexts; and

develop research expertise and potential in the use and application of educational technology for teaching and learning purposes.

Candidates for the programme will have attained, prior to acceptance, some fundamental knowledge and skills with respect to educational technology through prerequisite experiences, and have attained a recognised undergraduate degree in an appropriate discipline with at least a second class standing (see specific regulations for details). The program components are designed to enable candidates to build on their prior experience through the development of pedagogical links and educational technology applications. It is intended that the programme be offered primarily as a part-time program through distance delivered courses, with other delivery formats to be considered/utilised where feasible. Access to specific computer hardware, software, and the internet is required and will be the responsibility of each candidate.

A steering committee comprised of three members from each of the Faculty of Education at Memorial University and the Institute for Education at CBU is responsible to the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education, for selected aspects of the program. The latter includes assessing student applications, recommending approval of instructors who are not regular faculty members at either CBU or Memorial University, and recommending course or program changes. This committee is to be co-chaired by the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, Faculty of Education, Memorial University and the Director of the Institute for Education at CBU, or their designate(s).

CBU courses offered as part of this program are indicated by the prefix “CBU EDU” followed by the specific course number.

Program Highlights

  • Application deadlines are September 15 and February 1

  • All courses offered on-line by CBU and Memorial

  • Full- and part-time students welcome

  • Both thesis and comprehensive course routes available.

Note: For the convenience of many of our students this program is delivered by distance; therefore, attendance on campus is not required. Students who are studying full time and meet the academic credentials are eligible for fellowships.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program is competitive and selective.

In addition to meeting the requirements in the School of Graduate Studies General Regulations, selection into the program is determined by an applicant’s profile which would normally include such criteria as previous academic performance, related work experience, and relevant educational technology experience.

Program Requirements

All candidates for the Master of Education (EducationalTechnology) must complete 6100 Research Designs and Methods in Education.

candidates on the thesis route must complete:

three credit hours from:

  • E6610 Research on Computers in the Curriculum (3 credit hours)
  • E6615 Educational Software Prototyping and Evaluation (3 credit hours)
  • E6620 Issues and Trends in Educational Technology (3 credit hours)

nine credit hours selected from the core elective CBU courses approved for this program:

  • CBU EDU 5101 Assessment of Software and Information Technology Applications for Education (3 credit hours)
  • CBU EDU 5103 Integration of Instructional Design and Information Technology (3 credit hours)
  • CBU EDU 5105 Designing Web-based Learning (3 credit hours)
  • CBU EDU 5106 Technology Planning for Educational Environments (3 credit hours)
  • CBU EDU 5107 Information Management for Educational Environments (3 credit hours)
  • CBU EDU 5131 Digital Citizenship (3 credit hours)

Three credit hours from E6822, E6823, E6802, E6426, E6927 or from other Memorial University, Faculty of Education graduate course offerings as deemed appropriate for each candidate’s program and approved by the program steering committee

candidates on the comprehensive-course route must complete:

  • six credit hours selected from 6610, 6615, 6620
  • twelve credit hours selected from CBU EDU 5101, EDU 5103, EDU 5105, EDU 5106, EDU 5107; EDU 5131;
  • E6590 Research and Development Seminar in Educational Technology in Education
  • three credit hours from E6426, E6802, E6822, E6823, E6927 or from other Memorial University, Faculty of Education graduate course offerings as deemed appropriate for each candidate’s program and approved by the program steering committee;
  • additional credit hours appropriate to a candidate’s program, and approved by the program steering committee, to be chosen from graduate course offerings at Memorial University, CBU, or any other university to complete the required 30 credit hours for the comprehensive course route;

Normally, candidates will be permitted to register for 6590 only after all other course requirements have been met.

Candidates who have successfully completed the CBU graduate diploma in Educational Technology can receive up to 12 advanced standing credit hours appropriate to their degree option (nine CBU EDU course credit requirements for the thesis route or twelve CBU EDU course credit requirements for the comprehensive course route). Courses which qualify for transfer include CBU EDU 5101, EDU 5103, EDU 5105, EDU 5106, EDU 5107, EDU 5131.

Thesis route candidates will be subject to Theses and Reports of the School of Graduate Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland, supervised by a faculty member at Memorial University, and where feasible co-supervised by a CBU faculty member.

* For the convenience of many of our students who are studying part time and/or at a distance, this program is delivered by distance formats, including web-based/WebCT format, teleconferences, and traditional correspondence (reading packages, videos, mailed assignments, etc.). Some courses are available on campus with face-to-face delivery, and students who are studying full time and/or are present on campus are eligible for fellowships and other benefits of full time study.

Application Forms & Deadlines

Online Applications

Applications may be submitted online by following the process outlined at School of Graduate Studies-Application Package.

Should you have any specific questions about the programme do not hesitate to contact us at one of the following:

Memorial University
Phone: 709-864-8553
Fax: 709-864-4379

Cape Breton University
Phone: 902-563-1647
Fax: 902-563-1449

Samples of Student Work

Education 6610 with Dr. Elizabeth Murphy.

Education 6620 with Dr. Elizabeth Murphy.