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Benefits of Full-Time Study

Most of our graduate students are part-time, continuing teaching and other careers while earning their Master of Education degree. However, there are benefits to full-time study, and possibilities of leaves of absence and financially-supported study leaves that teachers and other workers may access.

Some of the benefits are:

  • graduate fellowships of $2000 for first year of study and $4000 for second year (dependent on availability of funding and if particular conditions are met)
  • graduate assistantships of $750 or $1500 per semester to assist faculty members with research and teaching activities
  • other grad assistantships and research fellowships (GradSWEP, professors' funded research projects, conference organizing, etc.)
  • opportunity to apply for other University and external awards, scholarships, and fellowships (not available for part-time study)
  • opportunity for intense study
  • being part of an on-campus community of scholars
  • opportunity to serve on Faculty committees and participate in grad student organizations
  • expedited graduation (often leading to promotion, new career possibilities, and increased earnings)
  • access to a fuller array of courses
  • face-to-face advising and work with professors
  • possibilities of special 'reading' courses
  • access to a grad office (shared), computers and printer (in grad office and Ed-5011), mail box, and grad lounge/lunch room (Ed-5027).

As much as possible, we try to provide ALL students, whether part-time or full-time, whether on campus or at a distance with quality programs and excellent opportunities. However, several university policies and other realities make full-time study an option worthy of consideration.