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Master of Arts & Education

The Faculty of Education and the Department of French and Spanish (Faculty of Arts) are offering a joint degree entitled Master of Arts and Education (Education and Francophone Literature and Cultures).

The program is designed for teachers of French and French immersion who wish to learn more about Francophone literature and culture to enhance their practice and improve their French language skills.

Students in the M.A. & Ed. (E.L.C.F.) program take half of their courses with the Faculty of Education and half with the Department of French and Spanish. The program can be completed by part-time studies, and most of the courses are available by distance education.

Programme Requirements

  1. French 6800 - Francophone literatures: Theory and practice
  2. French 6810 - Francophone cultures: Theory and practice
  3. Six credit hours (two courses) from the Department of French and Spanish
  4. 6100 Research designs and methods in education
  5. Nine credit hours (three courses from:

    a. Education 6668 - Current Issues in Second Language Education
    b. Education 6669 - Graduate Seminar in Second Language Education
    c. Education 6673 - Second Language Teaching, Learning and Curriculum
    d. Three credit hours (one course) from Education

In addition, students are able to choose one of the following options:

Option 1
Education 6392 -- Project

Option 2
Three credit hours in French
Education 6390 - Research and Development Seminar in Education in Teaching and Learning Studies


  • Normally a B. Ed. with at least a focus area in French or a B.A. in French and a B.Ed.
  • Two years of experience in the teaching of French and a 70% average in the last 30 courses.
  • A level of French proficiency satisfactory to the M.A. & Ed. (E.L.C.F.) Admissions Committee. As part of the application process, prospective students will provide a sample of writing in Education. If the Committee elects to hold interviews, the interviews will be conducted in French.

Applications for admission are accepted twice per year. The deadline for applications is September 15 for January admissions, and February 15 for May and September admissions.

For further information, or if there are questions, please contact:

Départment d'études Françaises et Hispaniques:
french or 709-864-7636
Dr. Philippe Basabose (Officier de Diplômé or 709-864-8574

Graduate Progrms
Faculty of Education
Memorial Univeristy or 709-864-8587