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Activate/Educate Art Exhibition

The ED 4120 class (The Teaching of Art in the Intermediate and Secondary School) has an art exhibition, titled Activate/Educate, currently taking place in the G.A. Hickman (Education) building until August 2015. This initiative is being led by Dr. Heather McLeod.

There are 33 pieces of art created by the eight visual art specialist pre-service teachers located throughout the building. Each artist has provided an artist statement which gives some background information and explanation of the work.

Institutional spaces often do not reflect the people who currently use them and this exhibition is an attempt by contemporary artists/students to activate our physical and intellectual educational environment through art to "make a mark".

Here is the Activate/Educate art finder to help you locate all of the pieces around the building.

Megan Keogh's piece "These Guys" is a series of tiny figures that she has hidden throughout the building. Can you find them? Will any of them remain when the show ends in August?

Below is a video submission from student artist Sara Gardiner. Here is her artist statement:

I am from Conche, a small community in Newfoundland. Like many other outport communities, people are continuously leaving and their absence can still be seen and felt. In Perdu en Mer, I incorporated photographs and videos from a time when I went to St. Pierre et Miquelon. I created superimpositions to make reference to time, place, memories, and emotions, and represent mindfulness through this experience. I created superimpositions of images with a video of waves through using erasure by having images of houses and boats disappear and reappear. The video ends with a focus to being on a boat - it is about living in the present moment. I show images of icebergs or videos of waves because ice breaks, disappears, and reappears - a metaphor for my connections to people. My artwork is about letting go of past attachments through practicing mindfulness.