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Previous students, Previous programmes

Since 1993, many students have experienced the ECL programme, one of the highlights of their time at MUN. These are images from the past thirty years of some of those experiences.

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1996: Ware, Place House, medieval open
hall, 14th century
1996: Great Worley, St. Mary the Virgin
Church, Arts and Crafts masterpiece
1993: Cambridge, St. John's College,
Tudor Gatehouse
1993: Much Hadham, walking tour of main
2000: St. Boltoph's Priory, Colchester,
ruins of the medieval monasatery
2000: Colchester Castle, Roman and
medieval structure
1993: Hampton Court, Great Kitrchen of
Henry VIII
1993: St. John's Church, Duxford, with
medieval wall paintings and benches
1993: St. Andrew's Church, Greensted,
Anglo-Saxon nave
1996: London, The Circle, built 1989
2005: Victoria and Albert Museum, Cast
2005: Victoria and Albert Museum, Cast

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