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Previous students, Previous programmes

Since 1993, many students have experienced the ECL programme, one of the highlights of their time at MUN. These are images from the past thirty years of some of those experiences.

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2009: On top of Ely Cathedral Octagon
2011: Walking tour of Harlow, Chestnut
2011: Closing Garden Party, East Mersea
2011: Crown Pub, Harlow, Catherine
Hawkins (left centre), now completing an
MA in Archaerology at MUN, and Kayla
Droog (right centre), now completing her
M.A. in Museums Studies at the
University of Toronto
2011: At the Roman Theatre site,
Verulamium, St Albans
2011: Waiting for our coach in Great
2007: Riding the grounds at Hampton
2005: Harlow Group, outside the Maltings
2007: Harlowbury Chapel, ca. 1100
2007: Lunch break at St. Mary's Church,
Old Harlow
2007: Post-modern housing in Harlow New
2007: Harlow Group outside the Maltings

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