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Previous students, Previous programmes

Since 1993, many students have experienced the ECL programme, one of the highlights of their time at MUN. These are images from the past thirty years of some of those experiences.

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1993: At Audley End. With a young Prof.
2011: Tea and biscuits at Coggeshall
2005: The Royal Crescent, Bath
2011: Fish n Chips at St Albans
1993: Marble Hill House, London
2007: Canterbury Cathedral Nave, ca.
2007: Punting at Cambridge
2007: Lunch outside the Canterbury
Museum of Heritage
2009: Castle Hedingham Great Hall
2007: Ely Cathedral, Lady Chapel, 1320s
2007: On the roof of Ely Cathedral
2007: Photographing from the Ely
Cathedral Octagon

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