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Erlangga Septama

BSc (Geology) Trisakti University, Indonesia
MAppSc (Geological Data Processing) University of New South Wales, Australia

Office: ER-6028

PhD project: Deepwater depositional system in Gulf of Papua

The Gulf of Papua (GoP) is a 400 kilometers wide crescent shape embayment on the south shore of Papua New Guinea. Some of islands largest rivers, such as the Fly, Turama, Kikori and Purari River, feed into the gulf, developed a large subaqueous shelf edge delta with a distinct clinoform building blocks.
Beside of the large volume of deposit delivered by major rivers, this modern basin setting was also enriched by various sedimentary inputs, a hundreds kilometers to South-Southwest of it shelfal area, occupies modern great barrier reef system and to the Northeast extend of study area was a rugged high tectono-volcanic sierra of Bismarck mountain range, which in turn create an unique and complex potpourri of mixing clastic depositional system.
As a major input, the fluvial dispersal systems were not simply ended on the shelf edge, but continue flowing into the deeper water and construct a complex network of submarine channels, which in particular proximal areas controlled by reef build-up, which produce pounded and by-pass facies assemblages in shelf break and slope setting.

My works will take account into quantitative morphology and depositional architecture of the channel systems, sedimentary structures and trace fossils identification using x-ray radiographs, chronostratigraphic framework by radio and stable isotope, and finally investigate the sediment fluxes history, provenance and any controls to clastic conduit to deepwater. The study will mainly utilize high frequency acoustic data, multibeam bathymetry, jumbo piston core, box core and multi-core data.

Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Bentley