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Dario Harazim

(Dipl.-Geol., Goethe University Frankfurt/M, Germany)

Room Number: ER 5010
Telephone: 1 709 864-3025
Email: dharazim @

Thesis Title: Geochemistry of mudstone ichnofabrics: implications for porosity and permeability in shale gas reservoirs.

Supervisors: Dr. Duncan McIlroy, Dr. Joe Macquaker

Other: Lateral variability in sediment fabric, including ichnofabric, is of relevance to predicting flow in porous media. This fact influences well-planning as well as development strategies, and determines the productivity of both petroleum reservoirs and aquifers.
The research program is aimed to generate a more complete understanding of the role organisms have in controlling the porosity and permeability of shale gas reservoir intervals and paleoenvironmental conditions in low oxygen environments. The analytical approach will involve TOC, C/H, Th/U, δ13Corg, δ13Ccarb and pyrite framboid size measurements from burrow fills, which will provide a template against which other units can be compared. Several case studies from well-exposed bioturbated horizons from black shale successions in the UK (Yorkshire Coast), USA (Utah) and Canada (Newfoundland) will form the basis for a robust model to describe the role of bioturbation in controlling shale gas reservoirs.