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Md. Samrat Alam

Room Number:  ER6025
Phone:  709-763-9848

Thesis Title:  Mineral Dissolution and Groundwater Arsenic (As) and Uranium (U) Contamination in Newfoundland, Canada

Supervisor:  Dr. Tao Cheng

Research Interests:

I have experience and background knowledge in geo-physical and chemical interactions among nature's fundamental elements: water, soil, rocks and minerals. My previous works focused on the health effects of carcinogenic heavy metals (e.g., arsenic) in drinking water in Bangladesh. Since September’2011, I have been working on assessment of contamination of groundwater resources by natural processes in various geologic and hydrogeological settings in the Newfoundland, Canada.

I am interested in the areas of Environmental geochemistry, Hydrogeochemistry, Contaminant hydrogeology, Isotope geochemistry, Biogeochemistry.