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Current projects

  • Sharon Roseman : Visual Ethnography of Built Environments

  • Trevor Bell & Priscilla Renouf : Archaeology and Paleo-environment at Port aux Choix; Digital Data Survey, Analysis and Display

  • Diane Goldstein : Health Panics Project

  • Diane Goldstein & Diane Tye : The Grave Decoration Project : Landscape Ethnography

  • Martin Lovelace : MUN Folklore Archive (MUNFLA) Environmental Research

  • Marguerite MacKenzie : Language and Environment; the Stabilization, Maintenance and Development of Cree, Montagnais, and Naskapi

  • Carrie Dyck : The Health of Aboriginal Communities; Digital Preservation, Analysis and Dissemination of Endangered Languages

  • Louis Chiaramonte & Vince Walsh: "Religions on the Rock" A series of five video educational documentaries on non Christian Religions in Newfoundland