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Spanish Student Resources


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Puntos de Partida 1st year Spanish courses' Book Webpage. Includes Laboratory Audio Program for workbook activities.  
Puntos videos Website housing Puntos de Partida DVDs
Grammar Lab Very useful grammar explanations plus exercises
Practicing Spanish  Good grammar explanations with audio. This webpage is directed for doctors learning Spanish but fear not! It uses very simple medical phrases. 
Vocabulary Quizzes
Test your vocabulary with these fun vocabulary quizzes!
BBC - Learn Spanish Test your Spanish level; learn with crossword puzzles and other games; or complete a self-contained course.
Spanish 101 Spanish teaching video playlist
Spanish Unlimited A great website devoted to helping people learn Spanish.
Study Spanish This site has online tutorials, cultural notes, useful links and much more.
Chilean Spanish Tons of Spanish exercises varying from grammar to vocabulary. 

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Spanish Language Exercises Handy explanations and exercises from Trent University
Aula Diez Self-correcting exercises that give you immediate feedback.
Spanish Grammar Exercises Grammar exercises from Trinity University
Leer Escuchando Collection of audio short stories

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Historias y cuentos

A collection of short stories in Spanish

Los Poetas

A collection of Spanish poems by poets from various Spanish-speaking countries along with biographies. Some poems come with audio.

Gramática y ortografía

Try these grammar and vocabulary exercises from Indiana University

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Word Reference English-Spanish-English dictionary
Larousse English-Spanish-English dictionary
Real Academia de la Lengua Española Spanish Definitions

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Vida y Cultura

La Coruña Spanish summer programme at the University of La Coruña on the northwestern coast of Spain.
Prensa Escrita A collection of Spanish-language newspapers from various countries.
CNN Broadcast of CNN in Spanish.
BBC News Read about current events in Spanish.
Revista People People Magazine - in Spanish!
Cultura Hispana Spanish language articles about aspects of Spanish culture like food, fashion, holidays and movies.
Biografías y Vida An encyclopedia for Spanish-language biographies

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