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Click here to access the Russian and German Department's webpage. Here you will find course offerings, a list of faculty and more.

Website for the Course Textbook: Click here to go to the open access website, Golosa, for the 1000 and 1001 textbook. It has audio to accompany dialogs and conversations in the textbook.

Among the following links you will find some sites which are suggested by Professor Brookes. You will be able to identify these by the site description.

Note: If you are trying to listen to an audio clip in Chrome, but get a QuickTime error instead, switch to Safari.



Alphadictionary Explanation of Russian grammar at an advanced level. 
BBC Languages - Russian Quick Fix Essential holiday phrases with corresponding mp3 files.
Interactive Exercises for "Golosa" Interactive tests and quizzes to test your Russian vocabulary and grammar.
Master Russian Learn the basics of Russian grammar, pronunciation and test yourself with quizzes.
Learn Russian (LR) Lessons offered in Russian for all levels. 
Learn Russian for Free Great website, with courses, videos, audio, texts, games and more!
Russian for Everyone Russian lesson and quizes for all levels. This truely is a great site for language learning.
Ukindia - Learn to Read Russian  Russian script lessons.



dic.academic Suggested by Professor Brookes: excellent for more advanced students. A good collection of dictionaries, as well as Vasmer's etymological dictionary.
Gramota Suggested by Professor Brookes: great for its orthographic dictionary (for stresses and stress shifts and the like:
Lingvo Suggested by Professor Brookes: this dictionary includes audiom as well as a Russian keyboard.
Alphadictionary Explanation of Russian grammar at an advanced level. English-Russian dictionary and verb conjugator.
Babylon Thesaurus, dictionary and translator.
Master Russian List of Russian verbs with their diferent tenses. 
Multiran Dictionary for advanced learners.



Master Russian - Forums Forums in Russian.
The Moscow Times Russian news (in English) and culture.
Rambler Russian news for intermediate-advanced learners.
Russian Cuisine Learn how to cook great Russian dishes.
Russian Culture Learn about Russia's traditions, customs and more.
Russian Wikipedia Practice your reading skills on a topic that interests you.
Way to Russia Excellent travel guide websites.

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