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Language learning site of the week: Bonjour de France

  • Vocabulary and grammar practice.
  • Very useful tools to prepare for the DELF exam.



The portal to the new 2nd Canadian edition of Vis-à-vis used in French 1500, 1501 and 1502

Banque d'exercices de Français

Exercises subdivided into beginner/intermediate/advanced categories!

CENTRO Online Workbook

If you have the 1st edition of the Canadian Vis-à-vis textbook and a Centro code, use this site as your online lab manual.

Didier Accord Pick and choose the grammar points with which you are having difficulty.
Duolingo Make learning a new language fun with this interactive software. Note: Requires you to create a free account.

The central hub for up-to-date information on Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Interested in studying abroad? Travel to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon through MUN's Frecker Programme

Français facile

A host of different exercise types that includes dictations, listening and reading practice, and phonetic transcriptions. Very useful!

Language Portal of Canada

Info on new words that have been introduced to Canadian French. Free French-English dictionary called Termium (built-in widget). Government employment opportunities using French throughout Canada, and some quizzes for practice.

Le Point du FLE

It is also useful for future teachers! This site also has good phonetics practice in that it shows all of the sounds that exist in the French alphabet. It has grammar exercises for various levels.


Music-themed language learning made fun!

Classic Stories

Learn French through classic stories translated from English to French.




DLC AV Resources Access to the En Bonne Forme audio CDs (French 2100/2101)
French Idioms Find the true meaning of that strange phrase
Phonetics Interactive online audio lessons 
Ville de Nice

Thinking about studying abroad in Nice? Check out their city's website!

Find information on the study abroad programme here













Dictionnaires / Conjugateurs

Banque de dèpannage linquistique A tool used to answer grammar questions (for more experienced french speakers)
Bon Patron Grammar and spelling checker.
Le grand dictionnaire tèrminologique French dictionary
Larousse French, English-French, and French-English dictionaries
Word Reference Multilingual dictionary with extensive translations
Lexilogos Enter your word and choose from a wide selection of online French dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and verb/spellcheckers 
Le Trésor de la langue française A dictionary with custom search options, colour-coding, and word search history
ARTFL Project North America's largest collection of digitized French resources - expecially useful for queries about 16th, 17th and 18th century texts
Subjunctivator Always know when to use the subjunctive!


Divers (Nouvelles / Divertissements / Ressources)

BBC Ma France Explore France through video lessons and test your understanding with comprehension quizzes.
Radio-Canada CBC's Radio-Canada website for news, music, entertainment - all in French.
French presence in Newfoundland & Labrador Discover Newfoundland's rich Francophone heritage and find out what French-speaking people are doing around the province. Great explanations for all those tough topics!
Podcasts Learn French by Podcasts.


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