Conversation Class Schedules

 Monopoly en français!


Summer Session 2017-Hours Start June 26 


  • Conversation classes are carefully prepared by DLC monitors and may consist of a variety of activities in the target language, such as, for example:

                Conversational topics or activities from a chapter in your text

                Final Interview practice

                A subject you wish to talk about

                The occasional game or two!

  • Conversation classes are of the same length as a regular lecture period (50 minutes). They are not drop-in sessions. Please make an effort to be on time and arrive at the beginning of the scheduled hour.
  • Oral practice in a second language; i.e.speaking it regularly, is bound to help you master the grammatical rules that you have learned during class. The more you speak the target language, the better your proficiency should get! You want a better mark in the course? Come and practice!
  • Conversation classes are not designed as tutorial sessions. If you have specific grammar questions, please go to the Help Centre in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Do not ask to have your assignment checked over by a monitor before submitting it to your professor.