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Faculty teaching

Counselling Centre faculty teaching responsibilities for 2013-2014:

Fall Semester 2013
Michael Doyle, EdD, Associate Professor - UCC2020: Applied Cognitive and Affective Learning Strategies.
John Garland, PhD,  Associate Professor - UCC2020: Applied Cognitive and Affective Learning Strategies.
Olga Heath, PhD, Associate Professor - Psychology 6611: Ethics of Professional Practice
George Hurley, PhD, Professor - Psychology 6650: Supervision
Beth Whelan, PhD, Assistant Professor - Psychology 7010: Practicum in Ethics and Relationship Skills I

Winter Semester 2014
Michael Doyle, EdD, - UCC2020
Johin Garland, PhD - UCC2020
Olga Heath, PhD - Psychology 6632: Community Interventions
Beth Whelan, PhD - Psychology 7031: Practicum in Assessment and Intervention II

Counselling Centre faculty also teach individual classes for other faculty on request.

Faculty contact information (UC-5000, 864.8500 [Option #2])
Michael Doyle -
John Garland -
Olga Heath -
George Hurley -
Beth Whelan -