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Self Defense

The Memorial University Judo Club is now offering a special 4 week self defense course. These classes will be held on Wednesdays from 7:15-8:00pm, starting September 16th, 2008 (Cost $20.00) and register at first class

Start your UFC training now or augment your other sport or martial arts training.


Class Offerings

Memorial University Judo Club
Introductory off for new members
Judo is an Olympic sport and we have 2 adjoining mat areas.
Cost is $60 until December 2009 and classes commence on September 14th, 2009.
Training sessions for ages 7 and up.
Children and adults train on Monday and Thursday, teenagers train on Wednesday and Saturday.
Both competitive and recreational training located in the MUN Phys Ed. building, combative room (G2001) off the main lobby.
Kids train on Mon and Thurs from 7:00-8:00pm and teens and adults train Mon and Thurs at 7:15 and Sat from 1-3pm
Dress: Be sure to wear a long sleeve shirt, track pants and no jewelry.
Register at class or call Judo Hot Line 726-0945

Have fun learning a new skill and laughing is encouraged.

MUN Judo hotline or contact telephone number is 726-0945

Mun Judo Home WebPage:

Mun Student Wellness webpage