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Mindful MUN

“Mindful MUN” is a campaign to encourage the use of two free online mental health support programs we’re introducing to the university community.

Mental health is an important part of everyday life and these tools will help the university community receive support and practice mindfulness in an accessible and flexible way. Our aim is to help members of our university community build on their strengths with new resources.

Starting on March 6th take advantage of our two new online supports.

MUN Listeners

MUN Listeners is a peer support service which trains students, faculty and staff to become active listeners online so they may help students in need of support. The program is free, anonymous and confidential. MUN Listeners offers students an opportunity to connect with a supportive person and engage in text-based one-on-one conversations. This program is not a mental health crisis resource and listeners do not provide therapy.

For MUN Listeners, there is no prior requirement to be trained as an active listener. One may simply sign up to be a listener and then receive active listening training to become qualified to provide active listening support.

You can sign up for MUN Listeners by visiting the website and entering the MUN passwords:

MUN Listeners portal

URL Password: mun_portal

Listener Password: mun_listener

Mindwell 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge

The Mindwell 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge encourages students, faculty and staff to undertake mindfulness training for five to 10 minutes per day.

The goal of this challenge is to help the university community experience less stress, more joy and peak performance in academic and professional settings. Maintaining mental health is an important part of our wellbeing, and evidence suggests that mindfulness training helps to improve stress, resilience and performance.


Sign up here:


Looking for more info?

Contact the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre at 864-8500 (Option #2)