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Online Mental Health Resources

There are a number of online mental resources you can access to manage your mental health and well-being.  

Informational Online Support – often the best place to start is to get the right information.

Stepped Care 2.0 – Find out more about Memorial’s innovative mental health care support program.

Bridge the gApp – This site provides access to community-based mental health information including facts about stress and mental illness. This can be a great place to start researching what might be best for you.

Student Health 101 – This is a monthly newsletter which includes a wide range and depth of current health and wellness information both locally and internationally sourced.

Transitions – Atlantic based wellness content specifically for post-secondary students.

Interactional Online Support – for those who are ready to start working on their health and well-being right away, 24-7. Also for those that just want to dip their toes in the water to see if mental health programming is something that could help.

Carrot Rewards – Do you like collecting loyalty program points (e.g., Scene or Aeroplan Points)? Get rewards for learning how to be healthier and for the number of steps you take each day. Being healthy is rewarding!

WellTrack – A self-help treatment program for students experiencing stress, symptoms of anxiety or low mood. This is like a short course, you can do one module per week for 7 weeks.

Breathing Room – A self-help positive psychology program for youth 12-25 experiencing signs and symptoms of depression. Positive psychology is strengths focused, for those who believe identifying capacities and strengths is more rewarding than focusing on problems!

TAO – Self-Directed a broad suite of evidence-based self-help treatment programs to manage worry, depressed mood, physical pain, relationship problems and communication issues.

Real-time Live Support

MUN Listeners - To access a peer listener 24/7 if you just need someone to chat (text) with. Peer listeners will provide warmth and support to help you sort out your problems your way. This is not a crisis line or counselling service, instead a space to talk (or “chat”) it out!

The Warm Line – Would you like to talk to someone by phone? Try the warm line – live peer support offered 7 days a week from 11am to 11pm.  This service is supported by the Consumers Health Awareness Network of NL.

Bro Talk - New to university life? Brotalk is a support space to provide male (and male-identifying) youth with the support they need, in the way they need it most.

Kids Help Phone - A 24 hour telephone, mobile app, or on-line resource that offers safe, anonymous and confidential support.

Expert-assisted e-support

TAO – therapist assisted online mental health treatment – If you have been signed up by a MUN counsellor, you can login to your treatment program here. This is most helpful for students who need expert coaching (usually 15-minutes per week in person or by video conference) to support their use of the online programming.

Crisis Support – Students with urgent mental health concerns should avail of the following community based services:

  • 24-hour mental health crisis line: 737-4668 (local) or 1-888-737-4668 (province-wide).
  • Mobile Crisis Response Team: 1-888-737-4668 St. John’s Region.
  • Psychiatric Assessment Unit: 777-3021 or 777-3022 24 hour Walk-in Crisis Service at the Waterford Hospital Site on Waterford Bridge Rd.
  • Health Sciences Emergency Department on Columbus Drive in St. John’s 777-6335