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Kyle Handley

My name is Kyle Handley and I am one of the doctoral residents in Professional Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland's Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC). I am currently completing my PsyD in Clinical Psychology at the Adler School in Chicago. I have been fortunate in my education and training to be exposed to a wide range of theoretical orientations, which has led to my consolidation of these approaches into the integrative therapeutic style I utilize today. The diversity of the clientele offered many opportunities to experiment with different approaches throughout the residency, a process that was encouraged by supervisors as a means of helping each resident discover their unique identity as a clinician. This freedom to experiment along with the structure and support that is provided through the supervision and professional development activities of the residency has helped me to achieve my training goals and better prepare me for the transition into independent practice. At the end of the residency, I will be exploring various opportunities to complete my pre-registration year of supervised practice both within and outside of St. John’s.