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Kimberly Kiley

My name is Kimberly Kiley and I am one of the pre-doctoral residents in Professional Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland's Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC). I am currently completing my PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manitoba. Most of my education has been based in cognitive-behavioural therapy and humanistic therapy, but I see my therapeutic orientation as integrative. My goal throughout my training has been to have a wide range of clinical experiences and exposure to a variety of populations in order to develop a well-rounded set of clinical skills. My residency has been helpful in working towards these goals. I had the opportunity to work with clients from a variety of cultural background and with an array of presenting problems. The range of services offered at the counselling centre allowed me to develop my individual, group and career counselling skills. I also was fortunate enough to do an external rotation at the Waterford Hospital, which allowed me to work with inpatients in an acute care setting. I have really enjoyed my time here at Memorial. I believe this training environment provided a nice balance of structure and flexibility, which helped me achieve the personal goals I set for myself. Upon completion of my residency I will be returning to Winnipeg to finish my dissertation and working as counsellor at the University of Manitoba.