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Tyla Charbonneau

My favourite aspect of the residency at the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC) Memorial is the diversity of opportunities to learn and develop my skills as a clinician. I developed Walk-In and crisis management skills, grew as a supervisor, and was challenged by the needs of the university population. A highlight was my minor rotation within the Faculty of Medicine’s Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education. Exposure to interprofessional education within health care has impacted me greatly. Prior to this residency I was not aware of interprofessional education despite my ongoing awareness that it was needed, especially within mental health. I benefited greatly from facilitating multidisciplinary workshops with healthcare students, developing curriculum with staff from the Centre, and engaging in ongoing conversations about the importance of teamwork and collaboration. I found a passion for facilitating workshops to professionals with students, family practice residents, or health care professionals in the community. Finally, my role here was greatly impacted by my relationship with the other residents. We were there for each other in a way that allowed us to talk freely about how we were doing, provided laughter and support as needed, and created social experiences outside of the SWCC as well.