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Sarah Nutter

Completing my residency at the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC) was an incredible experience. I truly appreciated the diversity of experiences I had at the SWCC, which included individual and group therapy, crisis management, inter-professional consultation, assessment, and supervision, among others. I was surprised by the incredible amount of experience I had with diversity from my work with international students from all over the world to my work with students from rural Newfoundland and Labrador. I was also surprised by the array of difficulties members of the university population experience and it was an exciting adventure to do my best to help the students I met throughout the year. A particular highlight of the residency for me were the plethora of opportunities to engage in inter-professional consultation and learning. By working in the same office as the family physicians, I was able to consult with them as needed, which led to better care for my clients. I also had the opportunity to lead training seminars with students from health-related programs as well as seminars with first year medical residents, both of which allowed me to share my own knowledge as well as gain knowledge about the work of other professionals. Finally, I appreciated the physical environment of the SWCC, knowing that my fellow residents as well as my supervisors were just down the hall and willing to give support when needed.