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Carla Petker

My name is Carla Petker and I am a Doctoral Resident in Professional Psychology at Memorial University of Newfoundland's Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC). I have a Master’s of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta where I am currently a PhD candidate. I began my training with a focus on working with children and families strongly influenced by humanistic, developmental and attachment theories and the narrative approach to therapy. As my training and experience has progressed, so has my professional identity and orientation. I continue to work from a humanistic perspective within a narrative style grounded in contructivist theory paying particular attention to the client process of meaning making. I have a keen interest in emotion regulation, existential issues and mindfulness, and I enjoyed the freedom to pursue these interests during residency. The age range of the client population, mostly late adolescence and early adulthood, helped to expand my experience and knowledge base along the developmental spectrum. I have also appreciated the opportunity to develop skills in providing short term therapy and to enhance my skills in facilitating group therapy. I valued the supportive, collegial atmosphere of the SWCC and the wide variety of experience I was afforded. Following residency, I will be returning home to British Columbia to work as a therapist in a professional counselling clinic and to prepare for registration.