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Allison Foskett

I am currently a fourth year doctoral student of the Counselling Psychology program at the University of Alberta, and am currently completing my residency in Professional Psychology at the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre (SWCC), Memorial University of Newfoundland. I completed my Master’s of Science degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of Calgary. Since that time I pursued a designation as a certified Career Transition Consultant as well as a Retirement Coaching Consultant. I worked for about four years as a career consultant in London Ontario before I transitioned back to pursue my doctoral degree.

My passion is helping students thrive as oppose to survive throughout their personal and career transitions. I chose to complete my residency at Memorial University because it offered a combination of personal and career counselling as well as mental health and neuropsychological assessment. With my career counselling background I have realized that mental health and career issues cannot easily be separated, especially in a university setting where one’s career is often one’s academic pursuits. For instance, many of my students’ personal stressors are directly linked to their academic struggles.

I have been exposed to a wide range of issues within the SWCC. These include personality issues, mood and anxiety disorders, couples and marriage difficulties, LGBTQ concerns, eating disorders, self-esteem, career and academic concerns. I have also facilitated several groups including depression & anxiety, relationship skills, a process group, and an on-going career group. I participated in several outreach activities including class presentations, mental health screenings, facilitation of interprofessional development and more. All of these opportunities have increased my confidence and competence.

I am grateful to have supervised two Doctor of Psychology students and informally mentored, supervised and facilitated learning activities with family physician residents, psychiatry residents, pharmacy, nursing and psychology students. Another unique opportunity has been counselling couples throughout the year. This was an important skill for me to continue to maintain and to receive more supervision as I expanded my skills. I have never felt limited in my learning opportunities at this site!

For me, I love to stay active and balanced, and so I have been privileged to go on several iceberg, whale watching and dolphin tours, hike the most strenuous east coast trails with my fellow interns and last but not least – enjoy the wonderful award winning cuisines in town such as Mallard Cottage. In addition, much time is spent with my two fellow residents, receiving support around workplace matters and sharing the journey of personal and professional growth, and of course, having lots of fun together after hours!

Overall, I feel prepared, confident and perhaps most importantly, very inspired to embark upon find a permanent position in a university counselling centre where I can continue counselling, teaching, and supervising students.