Here is a Learning Journal (LJ) sample entry that captures an attempt to use an Acrostic Mnemonic to learn psychology information:



October 15


Our psychology professor was talking about the different nervous systems in our body. I got so confused because there were so many different kinds that all do different things. So I tried to organize the different types to make it easier to remember. Here is what I did.


Central Nervous System = brain

spinal cord


Peripheral Nervous System = Somatic (voluntary)

Autonomic (involuntary)

Sympathetic (to mobilize)

Parasympathetic (to restore)


I used the Acrostic method and took the first letter of each major word (b, s, s, a, s, p) and came up with this sentence:

Bobs scarlet semi-automatic Saturn peeled. I have a friend named Bob who owns an old Saturn and that will help me remember the acrostic. He is also very smart and will be a cue to trigger my recall of the brain. I will review it regularly to keep it fresh in my memory. When I remember that sentence, I will be able to recall the different nervous systems. I hope I am asked this on an exam because I feel confident about it now.