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Kent Klippenstine

My name is Kent Klippenstine and I am one of the pre-doctoral residents in Professional Psychology at Memorial University Counselling Centre. I have completed my Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from Argosy University - Phoenix Campus. My theoretical orientation is Interpersonal, though I find value and utilize techniques from other orientations when needed. I feel as though the residency at Memorial University has been vital to my development as a future psychologist and I would not be as comfortable or competent without my training experiences. For those of you considering applying to the residency at the Counselling Centre, you will immediately notice the generous and helpful nature of not only your potential colleagues, but of most of the people you meet in Newfoundland. There is an emphasis on personal and professional growth/development that flows throughout all aspects of the training. As for myself, I am much more of an independent and confident practitioner now than I was at the start of the year. My training prior to the year at Memorial gave me an understanding of various psychological principles, techniques, conceptualizations, and concepts. However, my time at the Counselling Centre allowed and encouraged me to integrate all of my previous training experiences with the student population. I was encouraged and supported to do more than the requirements of the residency. As a result, I performed numerous independent presentations, I developed and ran a group on self-care, and co-facilitated numerous groups with different populations.

There is a lot of diversity in both the student population and services offered by the Counselling Centre. Most important to me, my supervisors encouraged and supported my creativity and ambitions throughout the year. Going forward, I accepted a position with the Cypress Health Region, but in the true spirit of Newfoundland, supervisors made sure I knew that I am able to contact them throughout my career - for support.