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Co-operative Education Photo Contest

Co-operative Education students from Memorial are invited to submit photographs showing themselves in a work-related setting while on a work term, paired with a small "success story"!

3 winners will be awarded prizes!

Winners will be able to pick out merchandise from the MUN Bookstore and/or the Computer Purchasing Center for the following dollar values:

1st Place = $150 2nd Place = $100 3rd Place = $50

Photo entries and stories may be used by the Division of Cooperative Education and/or the Division of Marketing and Communications in the production of promotional literature, including slide shows, brochures, web pages, and program description sheets.

This is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of to market themselves and their achievements. All entries will be taken into consideration for publication, not only those selected to receive prizes!

To be eligible for the contest the student must be registered in a cooperative education program from Memorial University: Business, Engineering, Human Kinetics and Recreation, Economics, Computer Science, Political Science, Master of Applied Social Psychology, Master of Political Science, Folklore (Masters), Master of Computer Science and Master of Environmental Science.

Photograph Requirements
- Digital photograph with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (i.e. the highest quality/largest picture setting on your camera) .
- Still photographs are required, no videos.
- No digital editing is permitted.
- The student must be in the photograph and must occupy enough of the frame to be recognizable (company logos, signage may be included in the picture as well). The supervisor is also encouraged to be in the photograph with the student!
- Written permission from all identifiable people in the photograph must be included with submissions.
- Photographs can be either posed or candid and content must be suitable for publication.
- The scene must be a work term setting (indoors or outdoors) and must have been taken during an approved work term.

Success Story Requirements
- Stories should be 250 words or less and must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
- Students must indicate if they would like to remain anonymous should their story be published.
- Ideas for topics include: "Why I chose co-op", "What co-op means to me", "The advantages of co-op", "My work term was great because..", or anything else co-op related.

Other Contest Rules
- Students can enter up to three photographs per work term, but each photograph requires a separate entry form and waiver. *Note – a student can submit the same success story to accompany all three photographs or feel free to submit up to three stories as well.
- Entries for the 2011/2012 contest must be from the 2011/2012 academic year (September 2011 - August 2012).
- Entry can be submitted online only through MyMunLife (see instructions below).
- Entries for the 2011/2012 contest must be submitted through MyMunLife by August 17, 2012.
- There will be three winners awarded (1st, 2nd and 3rd place).

How to submit entries (via MyMunLife):
To access the Co-op Photo Contest through MyMunLife:
1) Go to and login
2) Click the "Student Services"or "Alumni Services" link near the top of the page.
3) Click the "Launch My MUNlife" button
4) Once there, click on "Co-operative Education"
5) Click "Co-op Photo Contest" in the menu bar

Photo by Lisa Wishart. Submitted by Rocky Strong.
Working on the subsea christmas tree preparation for the Husky Whiterose project at the Cameron facility.