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Political Science (Master)

The master of political science program at Memorial University includes an internship option. The internship focuses on applying analytical skills to a real issue confronting the host organization. The students have the skills and knowledge necessary to ask appropriate questions and conduct research related to: • PUBLIC POLICY FORMULATION ANDANALYSIS • PLANNING • INTERPRETING LEGISLATION.

Areas of Academic Study

Students will take courses in political science concepts and methods, applied political research, politics and administration and can choose from a number of specialized courses including: • POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY • INTERNATIONAL POLITICS • COMPARATIVE POLITICS • NEWFOUNDLAND POLITICS • CANADIAN POLITICS

Internship Schedule

During the May to August semester, students complete a 12 to 18 week full time internship with a political organization, government agency, or non-governmental organization. Interns prepare a research paper on an assignment as part of the academic requirements of the master's program. At the completion of their internship, students are eligible to graduate.

Type of Work Assignments

Work assignments vary from unstructured situations where students work toward objectives and deadlines, to positions with tasks and procedures that are well defined. Co-operative education co-ordinators can advise in structuring work terms and job descriptions to meet both student and employer needs. We encourage employers to challenge students to optimize both learning and employer benefits.

Work Report

To develop communications and other management skills, students complete a work report on a work-related topic. The report will demonstrate the intern's understanding of the project and how his/her involvement fits into the project as a whole. Reviewed by the employer and evaluated by the university, the report is significant in the overall evaluation of the student. The topic may be chosen by the student with the employer's agreement or assigned by the employer. The use of employer facilities and the allocation of time for the report are at the discretion of the employer. Steps can be taken to protect confidentiality where required.