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Computer Science (Master)

The Master of Science (Computer Science) co-operative education degree is a two-year program consisting of eight courses (including a research focused Master's project) and one work term. The program allows students to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop algorithms and software in a variety of applied settings including business, government and research laboratories. The needs of students and employers are met through a combination of academic training in the foundations and applications of computer science and practical experience in a work setting.

Areas of Academic Study

Academic courses in this program cover topics including software engineering, algorithms and information systems as well as a variety of elective and special topic courses.

Type of Work Assignments

Computer Scientists are innovative problem solvers, using computations and algorithms to find solutions to complex problems and to create new technologies. Students can contribute to a variety of employers from the private and public sectors. Their duties might include tasks in research and development, programming, software engineering, systems design, databases, artificial intelligence, graphics, information systems and robotics. Work term positions can vary from working with a small group of video game developers, to developing new applications and products for large multinational companies, to working with medical researchers in bioinformatics to understand the behavior of large biological systems.

Work Term Evaluation

The work term evaluation consists of two components: on-the-job student performance and a work report. The overall evaluation of the student's work term is the responsibility of the academic program supervisor, the work supervisor and the co-operative education coordinator.