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Applied Social Psychology (Master)

The co-operative option in applied social psychology is one of two co-op graduate programs at Memorial. The program is highly specialized and enrolement is competitive. Candidates for the applied social psychology program already hold a bachelor degree in either science or arts.

The applied social psychology program provides students with a solid foundation in statistics, scientific methodology, and the field of social psychology. These principles can be applied to research and evaluation in a variety of settings, including government, education, non-profit and the private sector. Co-op students in applied social psychology work in a wide range of areas, including:

Program evaluation Research design Statistical analysis Questionnaire and survey development Qualitative and quantitative data collection

The scheduling of the two work terms, alternating with four academic terms, allows students to gain practical experience while they study the fundamentals of social research.

YEAR 1 AT 1 AT 2 WT 1
YEAR 2 AT 3 WT 2 AT 4
*AT = Academic Term; WT = Work Term

Areas of Academic Study

Students will take courses in Advanced Statistics, Research and Survey Methods and Design, Theory and Methods in Social Psychology, Social Cognition, and Group Processes. An additional course, Advanced Methods in Psychological Research, is designed to integrate the co-operative work term with the academic program. In the final academic term, students complete a project course where they write a report that shows their ability to integrate what they have learned from their academic and work experiences.

Work report

To develop skills in time and project management, and in communications, students are required to complete a work report which is evaluated by the university. While the report generally comprises a project selected by the student and approved by the employer, the employer may also assign the topic. It usually involves the analysis of a practical, work related issue. The use of employer facilities and the allocation of time to the student for the report is at the employer's discretion. Specific steps can be taken to protect confidentiality where required.