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To prepare students for their first work term, the Engineering Co-operative Education office delivers a mandatory series of professional development seminars throughout the preceding semester.

Students get the chance to develop skills and techniques that they can use throughout the duration of their co-op experience. Various assignments throughout the seminars also provide the opportunity to practice what you have learned and gather feedback. Some of the sessions are hosted by guest lecturers from within industry.

The following is a list of some of the topics you will be exposed to:

  • Résumés and cover letters; job competition process;
  • Workplace skills; strategies for success on the job; workplace expectations; performance evaluations
  • Interviewing skills and techniques
  • What to do if you get a job; finding your own co-op job; international opportunities
  • Work term communications requirements; workplace and professional ethics
  • Workplace conduct issues; sexual harassment

Current 200W Seminars (Fall 2017)

200W Fall 2017 - Welcome
Course Outline & Schedule
Seminar 1 - Cover Letters and Resumes
Seminar 2a - Job Competition and Placement Process
Seminar 2b - Introduction to MyMUNLife
Seminar 3 - Interview Skills
Seminar 4a - Finding Your Own Work Term
Seminar 4b - Adapting to the Professional Work Environment
Seminar 5 - Work Terms Outside of Canada
Seminar 6a - Work Term Registration and Regulations
Seminar 6b - Work Term Objectives
Seminar 6c - Work Term Communication Requirements
Seminar 7a - Ethicss & Professionalism in the Workplace
Seminar 7b - Communication Skills & Technical Writing
Seminar 8 - Employee Relations & Safety

For more information about the professional development seminars, please contact the Engineering Co-operative Education Office or the Engineering Student Co-op Handbook.




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