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ANVIL Administration


Administration and delivery of ANVIL will occur through the Co-operative Education Services Centre (CESC); this will include notifying successful applicants, facilitating monthly payments, and maintaining ANVIL records. The CESC reserves the right to terminate any commitment made if the original proposals and objectives are not being met and reserves the right to inspect the work of the students and associated records.

Application Process

Interested applicants (i.e. employers) must complete in full and submit to the CESC a completed ANVIL application. Upon approval, applicants enter into Memorial University's co-operative education job competition process to find students suitable for their advertised position. Approved applicants are expected to:

  • develop and maintain a work schedule for all co-op students;

  • inspect and evaluate student progress both in terms of work term objectives and the development of skills, etc.;

  • return a completed employer's portion of an appropriate work term evaluation to the co-operative education institution, in the middle and at the end of the work term. Feedback on the student’s performance is very important to the student and the success of current and future co-operative education experiences for students and employers.


ANVIL will fund 67% of the co-operative education student’s overall hourly salary up to a maximum of $10.00/hr. It is important to note that the ANVIL subsidy does not cover expenses related to mandatory employment contribution expenses (MERC) such as E.I., C.P.P., vacation pay, and workers’ compensation; nor will reimbursements be paid for other employee benefits such as dental, medical, etc. No assistance is available through this program for materials or administrative costs associated with the placement. It should be noted that only one student per program per organization may be funded under ANVIL in a single semester (e.g. an individual organization may hire one engineering and business student but NOT two engineering students) and that a separate application must be completed for each program you would like to hire a student from.

Sample scenerios are as follows:

Total Hourly Salary
ANVIL Subsidy Covers
Employer Covers
$3.30 plus MERC
$3.96 plus MERC

$10.00 (max. contribution)

$6.00 plus MERC


If you have any questions, please contact the CESC at 709-737-2419 or