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Director's Award

2012 student award recipients with Dr. Peter Rans, Director of the Division of Co-operative Education.

In 2006, the Director of Co-operative Education initiated an award recognizing senior co-operative education students who have demonstrated outstanding work term performance.

2013 Recipients

  • Amanda Curnew, engineering co-op
  • Travis Kemp, business co-op
  • Matthew Yong Chung Hui, economics co-op
  • Lorna Roberts, human kinetics and recreation co-op

2012 Recipients

  • Tao Zhang, engineering co-op
  • Chelsea Harris, human kinetics and recreation co-op
  • Jasmine Compton, business co-op
  • Alanna Wicks, folklore (masters) co-op

2011 Recipients

  • Laura Pittman, engineering co-op
  • Megan Cooze, business co-op
  • Jacob MacDonald, economics co-op
  • Mark Austin, human kinetics and recreation co-op

2010 Recipients

  • Bernard Ryan, engineering co-op
  • Stephen Winsor, business co-op
  • Hazel Dalton, computer science co-op
  • Jennifer Hogan, human kinetics and recreation co-op

2009 Recipients

  • Craig Harding, engineering co-op
  • Lisa Emberley, business co-op
  • Kimberly Parsons, human kinetics and recreation co-op
  • Jessica Sheppard, economics(science) co-op

2008 Recipients

  • Heather Sullivan, human kinetics and recreation co-op
  • Duncan de Young, business co-op
  • Gillian Langor, engineering co-op

2007 Recipients

  • Bradley Decker, engineering co-op
  • Adam Lundrigan, computer science co-op
  • Shane Pomroy, business co-op
  • Erica Pritchett, human kinetics and recreation co-op

2006 Recipients

  • Allison Tucker, kinesiology co-op
  • Jenny Earle, computer engineering co-op
  • Sumaiya Baqee, business co-op
  • Taracetta Butt, economics co-op

Award qualifications

To qualify for this award, students must earn a "Pass with Distinction" in their most recent academic work term evaluation and be nominated by their employer.

All nominations are assessed and ranked by various Co-operative Education Co-ordinators from the various programs who then forward the nominations to the Director for final selection.