Director's Message

Welcome to the Division of Co-operative Dr. Scott MackinnonEducation at Memorial University where co-operative education (co-op) is at the forefront of experiential learning! As one of the first three co-operative education programs established in Canada, Memorial’s highly successful co-op programs are the largest in Atlantic Canada offering work term placements locally, nationally and internationally. Our goal is to fuse academic knowledge with practical experience, creating highly qualified and informed professionals prepared to meet the demands of the world of work.

Our message is simple – get out there! We want Memorial students and graduates to get out into the workforce and be leaders in their fields of study. Future employers are looking for more than an academic diploma. They are looking for critical thinkers, problem solvers and communicators – skills that can be further developed through work experiences.

Whether you are an employer interested in hiring a student, a current or prospective student looking for co-op program information, or an individual interested in learning more about how co-op at Memorial is “getting out there,” I invite you to browse our website and become acquainted with the Division of Co-operative Education at Memorial University. Together with our students, staff and employer partners we look forward to another promising year ahead!

- Dr. Scott MacKinnon, Acting Director, Division of Co-operative Education