Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is my convocation ceremony?

A: The Convocation schedule will be available mid- February. Degrees will be conferred in ceremonies from May 30 to June 2, 2017.


Q: How do I register to attend convocation?

A: Log on to Memorial Self-Service to register to participate in Convocation. This function will be available on the system March 3-May 11, 2017 .

**Please note the system will be unavailable May 3-5, 2017.

Q: How many tickets can I get?

A: You will receive your own seating pass and you can request up to three guest tickets on Memorial Self Service. If space permits, additional tickets may be available (There will be an announcement posted to on May 19, 2017 with information on sessions that have extra tickets available. If your session has extra tickets, details will be listed on how to request on May 22, 2017).

Q: How much do the tickets and academic dress cost?

A: The tickets are free and must be requested before the deadline of May 11, 2017 at 5 p.m. on Memorial Self-Service.

The cost of academic dress ordered before the registration deadline is $35. After the deadline academic dress is $60 cash; this will be paid when picking up your academic dress.

Q: What time should I arrive at the Arts and Culture Centre?

A: Graduates are asked to be at the Arts and Culture Centre at least 60 minutes prior to their convocation ceremony. It is suggested that a guest accompany you at that time so that you can give them your guest tickets. The doors to the theatre will open one hour prior to the ceremony for all guests.

If any of your guests will require any special accommodation, please contact the Arts and Culture Centre ushering staff at 729-3650.

Q: Where do I pick up my academic dress and tickets?

A: Guest tickets for convocation ceremonies will be available to you 60 minutes prior to your convocation ceremony. Tickets will be distributed from the former “canteen” of the Arts and Culture Centre; please ensure you know your Memorial student number and follow the directional signage. (Tickets will NOT be at the Arts and Culture Centre Box Office).

Academic dress should be rented before the deadline, through Memorial Self- Service on the link to Gaspard Ltd. Gaspard will supply all your academic dress requirements. Your reservation will be processed by credit card at the time of ordering.

The cost of academic dress ordered before the registration deadline is $35. After the deadline academic dress is $60 cash; this will be paid when picking up your academic dress.

Gowns, hoods and hats will all be available at Irwin's Court at the Arts and Culture Centre 60 minutes prior to your session of convocation. Hats and gowns must be worn at convocation. The hood should be carried on stage by the graduand for the hooding ceremony.

Q: What should I bring to Convocation?

A: Keep your personal items to a minimum.

  • Be able to provide your Memorial student number. This will identify you at the ticket distribution desk.
  • Your confirmation number for academic dress rental from Gaspard.
  • Keep your own seating ticket to convocation and pass guest tickets over to your accompanying guest.

The Arts and Culture Centre does operate a public coat check, however any unchecked items will have to accompany you to your seat. Cameras and other valuables should be left with your guests.

Q: Where do I return my academic dress?

A: There will be an attendant in the coat-check area to collect your hoods and gowns. This should be completed before you leave the Arts and Culture Centre. The hat is yours to keep.

Academic dress that is NOT RETURNED immeditely after the ceremony will be the responsibility of the graduate and must be returned to Gaspard's warehouse in Montreal.

Q: If I am not attending my convocation ceremony, how do I receive my degree?

A: For those students who do not attend their convocation ceremony, degree parchments are held at the Registrar`s Office for one week after convocation, for pick up. The Registrar`s Office will then commence with the mail out and they will be sent to your permanent address as noted in their database, which you can verify and/or update via your Memorial Self Service.

Q: I am not attending my convocation. Can I still borrow academic dress to get photos taken?

A: The provision of Academic Dress, for Photography Service ONLY, is provided through the Bookstore.  Please check the St. John's Campus bookstore website for black-out dates.

Q: When I am getting my picture taken, my hood feels tight. Are there different sizes?

A: All hoods are the same size. Please refer to the proper way to wear academic dress for more information.