The Ceremony

The convocation ceremonies in St. John’s are held at the Arts and Culture Centre, Allandale Road, St. John's(see building #35 here). Parking is free in designated lots around the centre but is limited.

The convocation ceremony is approximately one hour and 45 minutes in length. It is broadcast live on the university’s website ( and is also videotaped for future broadcast on local cable television. 

You should arrive at the Arts and Culture Centre 60 minutes before your convocation session, prepared to pick up your tickets and your academic dress.


Tickets for convocation ceremnies will be available on site at the Arts and Culture Centre 60 minutes prior to your ceremony. Please follow the directional signage to collect tickets. (Tickets will not be at the Arts and Culture Centre Box Office).

One guest is required to accompany you to pick up your tickets. Once you have given your guest all of your guest tickets, they will be required to depart the area designated for graduating students. You will proceed with your own seating ticket to join the other graduating students in picking up academic dress and stage cards.

Academic Dress

The academic dress you ordered via Memorial Self Service will be prepared for you by Gaspard Ltd. Gaspard will have your gown, hood and hat will be available 60 minutes prior to your convocation session. Hats and gowns must be worn at convocation. The hood should be carried on stage by the graduand for the hooding ceremony.

After the deadline of October 5 academic dress is $60 cash that must be paid when picking up the academic dress at the Arts and Culture Centre.

Just Before Convocation...

After getting your academic dress, you will be directed to pick up a card bearing your name and the degree to be conferred. This introduces you to the registrar who will call you to the stage to receive your degree.

Approximately 20 minutes before the ceremony the university marshal will provide a briefing with details of the ceremony.

Convocation begins when the mace, the symbol of the authority of the university, is placed in front of the chancellor. Following the opening formalities, the candidates for undergraduate and graduate degrees will be presented.

At the appropriate time, ushers will direct you to the left side of the stage where you will pass your stage card to the registrar. When your name is called, you cross to the centre of the stage, pass your hood to the dean and kneel on the stool. The dean places the hood over your head. The chancellor will then offer you congratulations.

You then proceed across and off the stage to the backstage area where you will receive your degree certificate, have professional photos taken and be directed back to your seat. The ceremony concludes after the conferring of the honorary degree.

There will be an attendant collecting hoods and gowns in the coat-check area after your ceremony. These materials should be returned before you leave the Arts and Culture Centre. The hat is yours to keep.



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