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Convocation schedule

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Fall 2014 Convocation Schedule

 This page will be updated when the Spring schedule becomes available in mid-February. 


Friday, October 3
10 a.m.

B.A.(Hons.), B.A., B.Sc., B.N., B.Ed. (Prim./Elem.), B.Ed. (Inter./Secondary), B.B.A., B.R.M.,
M.A., M.N., M.S.W., M.Ed.



Friday, October 17
10 a.m.

B.A.(Hons.), B.A., B.N., B.S.W., B.Sc (Pharm)., M.A., M. Phil., M.S.W., M.N., M.Sc.(Pharm.), M.W.S., M.E.R., M.Sc.(Med.), M.P.H., M.A.Ed., M.G.S., M.H.E., Ph.D., Psy.D.

Friday, October 17
3 p.m.

B.Sc. (Hons.), B.Sc., B.Eng., B.P.E.(Hons.), B.P.E., B.P.E.(Co-op.)(Hons.), B.P.E.(Co-op.), B.Rec.(Co-op), B.Rec.(Hons.), B.Rec., B.Kin.(Co-op.)(Hons.),B.Kin.(Co-op.,) B.Kin.(Hons.), B.Kin., B.Comm. (Hons.), B.Comm., B.Comm.(Co-op.)(Hons.), B.Comm.(Co-op.),
B.B.A.(Hons.), B.B.A., I.B.B.A.(Hons.), I.B.B.A., B.M.S., B.Tech., M.Sc., M.Eng., M.P.E., M.B.A., M.A.S., M.Env.Sc., M.M.S., M.A.S.P., M.Sc. (Kin.),M.A.Sc., M.E.M., M.M.M., M.T.M.

Friday, October 17
7:30 p.m.

B.Mus.,B.Sp.Ed., B.Ed.(Post Secondary), B.Ed.(Intermediate/Secondary), B.Ed.(Primary/Elementary), B.Mus.Ed.,M.Ed., M.Mus.