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Commemorating the First World War

Established as a living memorial to those Newfoundlanders who fought and died in the First World War, Memorial University will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the conflict. Planning is underway to develop a special program of initiatives and activities for 2014-19.

The university will undertake commemorative activities in three broad areas: academic programs, physical commemorations, and library, archives and other resources.

Academic programs

The university will support the creation of a working group of academics dedicated to promoting relevant areas of study and research. The group will explore opportunities in teaching and learning, research strategy and public engagement that are in keeping with the university’s nature as a memorial to those who fell in military service.

Physical commemorations

New commemorative spaces will be developed and existing sites redeveloped to enhance the university’s role as a living memorial. The university will seek out appropriate commemorative opportunities on all its campuses and locations.


Library, archives and resources

A collaborative approach will be fostered for the development of physical, digital and web-based research collections in areas related to the First World War specifically, and to the study of conflict and society more generally. The goal will be to promote more integrated approaches to collections development and accessibility.

Supporting and amplifying all these activities, the university will promote awareness of Memorial’s status as a living memorial. This marketing plan will include using the forget-me-not flower – an early symbol of remembrance in Newfoundland and Labrador – and the official colours of the university, claret and white, which are derived from those of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.

The First World War commemorative program will be in addition to Memorial’s current remembrance activities, such as the annual Ceremonies of Remembrance held on the university’s campuses each November and the laying of wreaths at public war memorials on Nov. 11 and July 1.

A commemoration steering committee, supported by a pan-university advisory committee, is overseeing the planning and implementation of the university's commemorations. Further information on the university’s plans will be available soon through this website.

To contact the steering committee, please get in touch at or visit the Facebook page.