Appointments Committee


The Board of Regents shall appoint an Appointments Committee in accordance with the following terms:


1. The Committee shall be comprised of seven (7) members from the Board. They shall be appointed by the Chair of the Board who shall designate one (1) member to be Chair and one (1) member to be Vice-Chair.

2. In addition, there shall be four (4) ex-officio members as follows: (a) The Chair, Board of Regents
(b) The President
(c) The Pro Vice-Chancellor
(d) The Secretary, Board of Regents (non-voting)

3. The Chair of the Board of Regents shall appoint a non-voting Secretary of the Appointments Committee. 4. The quorum for the Committee shall be five (5), at least four (4) of whom shall be from Section A.1 above.


The Appointments Committee shall ensure that appointments to all academic and staff positions at the University are made in accordance with proper employment practices and in compliance with the requirements of The Memorial University of Newfoundland Act.


Without limiting the generality of Section B. above, the Appointments Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

1. To make on behalf of the Board all academic appointments including joint or cross appointments to full-time positions at the University whether such appointments are contractual, provisional or without term.

2. To make on behalf of the Board all appointments of professional Librarians.

3. To make on behalf of the Board all appointments to the position of Department Head.

4. To make on behalf of the Board appointments to Head of administrative divisions who report directly to a Vice-President.

5. To recommend to the Board the appointment of Deans of Faculties and Director of Schools.

6. To receive and transmit to the Board for ratification a monthly report on all staff appointments and staff changes including promotions, transfers, reclassifications and terminations.

7. To approve on behalf of the Board all promotions to the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor.

8. To approve on behalf of the Board all confirmations of provisional appointments.

9. To approve on behalf of the Board all promotions of Professional Librarians.

10. To approve on behalf of the Board all leaves including sabbatical leave, special leave with or without pay, assisted leave and political leave or to approve such other special arrangements as may require release from normal academic duties.

11. To accept on behalf of the Board all resignations of individuals who appointments are within the purview of the Committee.

12. To make such other appointments of a special nature as may be from time to time required, e.g., honorary appointments, adjunct appointments.

13. To make a monthly report to the Board on all matters dealt with by the Committee for information, ratification or approval as appropriate.

14. To assume such other responsibilities as from time to time may be delegated by the Board.