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New Faculty: Dr. Milorad Nikolic

Dr. Milorad Nikolic

Department of Classics, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Milorad Nikolic is a new addition to the classics department in the Faculty of Arts. He taught previously at the University of Winnipeg and was the Crake Fellow at Mount Allison. Dr. Nikolic received his PhD from the University of Victoria in B.C.

His research interests include ancient technology and technical literature, specifically Ancient Greek and Roman water-supply systems. Most recently, Dr. Nikolic has focused his work on the northern Roman frontier and the use of camels in the Roman army.

He is currently teaching Roman Civilization, Roman Art and Architecture, and Latin and hopes to eventually organize a travel course to observe Roman remains along the Rhine River in Germany.

“I feel very well taken care of at MUN. My colleagues are very nice and welcoming, and the administrators have been very helpful. I was also very pleasantly surprised by the library holdings at Memorial. In terms of my research, I am hoping to hook up with people at the Marine Institute regarding hydraulic engineering and flow visualization in ancient aqueducts.”

[from The Gazette, volume 43, number 8]