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New Faculty: Dr. Craig Maynes

Dr. Craig Maynes

Dr. Craig Maynes, the newest addition to the Classics Department, is a Latinist. An Edmonton native, he did his graduate work at the University of Toronto, completing a PhD that looked at, and in, Roman doors.

“Romans were very class conscious and hierarchical; it was extremely important for them to be able to ascertain at a glance what social status someone had,” he explained. Doors played a crucial role in this, as they were the only external architectural feature that belonged to a resident. “The rest was considered public space, so the doors were the only part they could use to make an impression. Doors were often very ornate, and they were left open so you could see inside, and see what great Romans these were.”

Now, Dr. Maynes is studying how hunting images reflect Roman aristocracy, who hunted not to survive but to advertise their wealth – a tradition that continues in some western traditions. He also has an interest in exploring the dynamics of how ancient works were transmitted through the ages, and what factors influenced scholars in the Renaissance age to preserve certain texts, but not others.

Dr. Maynes lectured at Memorial last year, and fell in love with the place: “This is an exciting time here. We’re in the process of renewal – the department’s faculty has already been renewed and we are renewing the graduate program and developing new curriculum. It’s a very vital place.”
He is developing a course on the representations of classics in film, which he hopes will be offered next year.

[from The Gazette, vol. 40, number 12]